International Market Place

international market place

After a two-year facelift, Waikiki’s International Market Place reveals itself to the public on Thursday, Aug. 25.

Gone is the labyrinth of kiosks that once lined the historic marketplace. In its place instead are myriad features: Tropical landscaping, the island’s first Saks Fifth Avenue, 75 stores and dining venues, and an open-air “Grand Lanai” with chef-driven restaurants.

Also featured throughout the 360,000-square-foot-venue are Hawaiian-inspired motifs, a rain wall and the iconic, 150-year-old banyan tree that was the hallmark of the old International Market Place.

Owners of mobile devices will be pleased to know that the International Market Place offers free Wi-Fi and charging stations.

Available Lines and Schedules:

Pink Line:

Yellow Line (Honolulu Dining Express):

Trolley wait area is located on the ground floor in the hallway between Saks Fifth Avenue and Tricked Out Accessories.

Stop Location Map: