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Punchbowl Crater

National Memorial Cemetery
of the Pacific

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About Punchbowl Crater

Punchbowl Crater: Hawaii’s Majestic Geological Marvel.

Punchbowl Crater, officially known as the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, is a geological marvel nestled in the heart of Honolulu. Formed by volcanic activity, this extinct volcanic tuff cone offers not only a unique geological landscape but also serves as a solemn and significant military memorial. The crater’s expansive views of Honolulu and the surrounding areas make it a serene and reflective site.

As a national cemetery, Punchbowl is the resting place for thousands of service members who have sacrificed their lives in service to the United States. The memorial, with its meticulously maintained grounds and powerful symbolism, provides a peaceful setting for reflection and remembrance. Visitors to Punchbowl Crater not only witness the geological wonders of Hawaii but also pay respects to those who have dedicated their lives to the service and protection of their country.

Note: This is a scenic drive-through only.
No disembarking is allowed.

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Punch Bowl Crater

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